Mani Monday: Lie-Lac

Keeping with the purple theme for January, I decided to do a lighter color for this week. I am using Lie-Lac by Sinful Colors. I love this nail polish because it’s so beautiful and because it’s under $5. Sinful Colors comes second to Wet n wild in the drugstore nail polishes category for me. They would be #1 if they had a wider brush.

I used two coats of this color and topped it off with my sinful colors top coat. I am currently looking for a good to coat because most of mine are almost gone.

What’s your favorite top coat?


Mani Monday – The Reign of Studs


Welcome back to another mani monday, the second one of the year. Over the past week, I decided to make a theme for the year; I want to incorporate the nail polishes I already have. I am making a resolution to not buy so many (as of now I have over 200!), so I’m going to use what I have and throw away any old or nail polishes that don’t work anymore.

I decided that I am going to do a color for every month; and I will use a shade of that particular color during that month: This month is purple!! Last week, I kicked off the new year with an ultra violet type of color and this week I am going with sparkles.

The Reign of Studs by L’oreal is by far my most favorite glitter nail polish I’ve ever bought. I love the bottle, the brush and the fact that you only need one coat of nail polish to achieve this look. I love it so much.

Next month’s theme will be red: I am a romantic at heart, and there is no other color I would love to wear in February.

What’s your go-to nail color?




Mani Monday – Ultra Violet Vibes

Hello! This is 2018’s first Mani Monday. So, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the color of 2018 would be ultra violet, I was so happy. Purple is my favorite color and I love all variations of the color.

I tried to find the most “ultra violet” color I could so I decided to do Purple Potion by Sally Hansen. This is probably my favorite Sally Hansen nail polish, I’ve had it for so long…I need to find another bottle because this one was a bit goopy.

I did two coats of this color, plus one coat of top coat to protect my nails and give them an amazing shine!

How are you starting your new year? What nail polish are you wearing or want to try this year?

New Year – I need to learn to move on.

I am tired of who I am. I am tired of being the person that gives and gives for only pain in return. I am tired of giving chances to those that never deserved one to begin with. I am tired of being the one that holds on to hope, when there isn’t any. I am tired of being strong for others while my heart holds on by a thread. I am tired of being a puppet, pulled and pushed by the one person I gladly let control me.

I will not waste my light to shine someone’s darkness.

I want to be happy by myself, I need to learn how to accept myself. I need to learn that I am enough, even though I have torn myself to pieces. I need to pick myself up and rebuild. I need to be happy, I need to love, I need to be loved, and that starts by picking me.

I am tired, but I am ready.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but if by chance you are, I just want you to know that I believe in you, and I want you to be happy. Let’s start moving forward.

Mani Monday – Simple and Cute

For this week’s nails I decided to go with a basic pink. I think pink goes with everything, especially a nice baby pink.

This is Little Miss Paris by Color Club.

Next week, I’m thinking I’ll do a nice glittery red now that Christmas is right around the corner!

What nail color are you rocking?