What’s In My Bag?

For a long time, I have been obsesses with “What’s In My Bag” videos and I don’t really know why. I always think that this might be “filler” videos for those YouTube gurus, but i think it’s the fact that it appeals to our curiosity of how people live that makes us attracted to these videos. Nonetheless, I’m going to show you my bag and the contents it has.


My Bag: The Osini crossbody bag by Call It SpringThis bag is nice and cute, and what I would consider my first real “grown up” bag because it isn’t covered in flowers or characters. Go me! lol I thought this bag would have two compartments, but it only has one. Which is okay, it’s not the biggest bag I’ve had, but I need to start working on carrying less things in bags so they don’t break.

On the side: Totally contradicting myself, I had to keep some cutesy stuff on the bag so I got a little Christmas raccoon PocketBac that I got on clearance, the scent that I have is Beautiful Day which smells so refreshing and nice.


What’s Inside:

Wallet WalletIn

My blue wallet, I got this on eBay and it was only $5 which I’m really happy about, it can hold my cash my ID and my cards. I had to put in a dryer sheet inside the wallet before I used it to get rid of the plastic smell, but other than that it is perfect.

Coupons ID

Inside the wallet I have a couple of JCPenny coupons, where I bought the bag, and I also have a memorial page from my cousin’s funeral, my school ID card and a parking voucher.


I also have have my iPod because I love listening to music, I store it in a little black wallet that I got from Target a couple of months ago. I also have a rosary case that was given to my family while we prayed after my cousin’s funeral.

Okay, so that’s what is in my bag, I hope this isn’t too boring.

Song Of The Day:

PS. I’m still waiting for my ShopMissA stuff to get here, got to love this blizzard! i also got chosen to review a voxbox from Influenster, so I’ll hopefully post those before next week.


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