ShopMissA Haul Preview

So there’s this website called where everything there is a dollar! I found this website by looking at some YouTube hauls and I noticed that they were a decent quality. The way that this website works is by selling every item (except some charm items) for only a $1 and they have a flat shipping rate of $3.95. I couldn’t resist temptation and I decided to order some things. They sell a variety of things and what caught my eye were the charm bracelets and the nail stuff.

There is one downside to this website, there are many things on this website that are sold out. They say that some items will be restocked but I haven’t seen any of the nail foils be restocked, but other than that, this seems like a good deal.

Because of the weather, my package came in later than I expected. ShopMissA ships from Texas.

Here is an overview of what I bought:

Charm Bracelet And Charms

I got a regular charm link bracelet with these charms

Letter E charmPeace backpeace frontSparkle Star CharmUmbrella CharmBlue Starfish CharmPink Flower CharmGold Heart Charm

Other Jewelry    

I got a nice looking pair of gold floral earrings. Spring is coming soon (hopefully) and I love florals either way, so I really wanted this. I also got a separate charm bracelet (premade), it’s red and has some camera charms.

Pearl:Camera Charm Bracelet


I wanted to get a stylus because there’s always time when you’re either using a tablet or don’t want to dirty up your phone screen, so I decided to get this in purple (my favorite color) and for a $1, you can’t beat that!

stylusSo that’s it for this preview of my little ShopMissA Haul, hopefully I”ll be able to get my hands on these things so I can take pics and do my formal review on them.

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