ShopMissA Haul/Review

So a few days ago, I posted on what I bought on and after waiting (and because of the blizzard that hit my area, even more waiting) my package finally arrived. Here I’ll give you of what I liked (and didn’t like) about shopping here.

Windows Phone_20150206_002Windows Phone_20150206_004Windows Phone_20150206_007Packaging/Shipping: All of the orders that are made through this website are charged with a flat shipping rate of $3.95, which is such a bargain since all of the products in the store (excluding some of their items in the Charm Store section) are a dollar. Everything I bought this time was a dollar. The store is located in Texas and I estimated the shipping time to be 3 days from where I am located, but because there was a lot of problems with the blizzard in the Midwest, this took about a week and a half to get to me. I can’t really blame anyone but Mother Nature for that. The package came very protected so none of the products would break, which I appreciate.

Windows Phone_20150206_009This is an overview of the things that I received. All of the charms came in a little plastic baggy.

Windows Phone_20150206_011Bracelet & Charms: (Sorry if the lighting is weird on the pic). These are the charms that I ordered. Appearance wise, the charms are true to the pictures on the screen. At first I was a little bit worried that since they are only a dollar, the quality of the charms and colors would be really different than the pictures on the website, the only one that looks slightly different is the golden heart, but it’s not bad. The bracelet itself came in with a little charm, the circular one next to the heart, the bracelet seems like it’s from good quality. The only thing that I am a little worried about is what happens over time, will it turn brown or will it make my wrist green? only time will tell. One thing that I have to note is that some of the charms were difficult to open and attach to the bracelet, I sometimes felt like I was going to break the charm, but with some patience, it’s do-able.

Windows Phone_20150206_013 Windows Phone_20150206_012

Other Jewelry: Apart from the charm bracelet, I also bought a separate pre-made one (the first picture). It’s red and has some red beads and camera charms. For a dollar, it’s really great. The black band around the bracelet does feel a little cheap, but since it was only $1, I can’t really complain. The next thing that I bought was the flower earrings, they are so cute. They’re not too big and they don’t look to cheap. This will come in handy when spring arrives (hopefully soon).

Windows Phone_20150206_014

Stylus: ShopMissA offers many things other than jewelry, that includes some accessories for your electronics. I bought a stylus for my phone in a purple color. I think they might of ran out of the color purple, because they gave me a pink one instead (they noted that on the invoice that they sent me). Even though this isn’t the color that I bought, I still like it. It’s small enough to leave in your purse, but not big enough that you feel ridiculous using it on a phone. I like the polkadots. I’ve seen products like these at stores like FiveBelow that are easily $5 so this is a steal.

I would totally recommend shopping at ShopMissA, everything there is a bargain, the flat shipping rate is great. Although I don’t know how long these things will last me, i know that it won’t upset me too much since they were so cheap and I can easily replace them by going back to the store.

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2 thoughts on “ShopMissA Haul/Review

    • Sorry for the late response, I am pretty much sure that the charms I bought have hooks that are too small for the pandora bracelets, but I also saw that they do have beads/charms that are compatible with the pandora bracelets. Here is someone that ordered beads along with their own bracelet.

      Hopefully that works for you 😀



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