Beanitos Chips, does it live up to expectations?

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I was given the opportunity to review the new (at lest new to me) chips from Beanitos curtesy of Influenster as part of their Refresh VoxBox. If you want an invitation to opportunities like these ones, leave a comment below and I’ll send you an invite.

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I got two styles of chips, one was the nacho cheese and the other was the restaurant style.

The Beanitos chips are marketed as a new way to snack, instead of being made from corn like most of the chips that are made, these are made with beans. Both of the kind that I tried were maid with white beans. They also have no gluten. Here is some of the nutritional information from the back of the bags.

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The first chips that I tried were the restaurant styles ones. I thought that out of the two, these would be my favorite. When I opened the bag, I didn’t really smell anything, not like the ones that I”m used to (the smell of corn and the salt). When I tried them, they really didn’t taste like anything, I did taste a hint of the sea salt that they used, but that’s about it. The only time that I tasted beans was during the aftertaste that I got after I ate them. In all honesty I would not try them again alone, I think these are too bland for me, To eat these, I would recommend them with a salsa or a dip. Surprisingly, these were not my favorites, the nacho cheese were.

When I opened the nacho cheese bag, I could definitely smell the cheese and a hint of jalapeño, These were my kinds of chips. When I took a bite out of these, I could instantly taste something, these are not bland at all. On these, you can can taste the beans, but I feel like it compliments the nacho cheese and the jalapeño (?) spicy taste. Out of all of these, I would definitely recommend these over the restaurant style chips.

Based on the taste, I would totally buy the nacho cheese ones as a way to compliment my other snacking foods. These are on the healthier side of chips and it would make me feel less guilty of eating or snacking. The only thing that makes me second guess buying these are the price, they retail for $3.49, I’m assuming it’s for both of them and I feel like I could find a better deal somewhere else.


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