I’m not her

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting him…craving him and needing him, but I finally realize I’m not her.

I’m not the girl with the short blonde hair who wears those ugly bangs you think are cute.

I love my dark hair too much to do that to myself.

I’m not the girl that’s a size two and is your vision of perfection, the one who wears all those trendy clothes.

I’m the girl that is too thick for you to handle and that wears what I want.

I’m not the girl that only listens to folk music with you, going out of my way to only drink out of mason jars.

I let myself go and I don’t take myself too seriously.

I’m not the girl that comes from a rich family, who went to the best schools.

I come from from humble beginnings, not ashamed of where I came from.

I’m not the girl that caters to your every need, always wanting to impress you and give you everything you want.

I know what I want and will not settle to get less than what I know I deserve.

I’m not the girl you cheat with.

I want someone who wants to be with only me and don’t go around hurting people.

I’m not the girl you love, the one you want to spend your life with.

I will not waste my time on someone that only hurts me.

I’m not the one you want.

You don’t deserve me.

I’m not her..and you ain’t shit.

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