DIY Jewelry Holder + How I Organize My Stuff


I have been thinking about making a jewelry holder ever since I’ve seen almost everyone and they mama on YouTube creating them in their DIY videos. I have a ton of necklaces and rings, but I don’t have enough space on my dresser to accommodate all of them, plus I wanted a way to store my things in a way where all space was successfully occupied and organized. So while visiting the nearby Goodwill store with some friends, I saw the perfect opportunity to create a nice jewelry holder for myself. So here are some tips for making and directions (I don’t even know who started this, but I did not, so I take no credit) for making the DIY jewelry holder. I also have ideas on how to use ordinary things to organize and use small spaces in your home.

DIY Jewelry Holder


For this project, I bought a candleholder, and a plate.

TIP – For the plate, find one that you will like. I only found one plate that I found, but you are more than welcome to use whatever plates you would like. Just don’t make the jewelry holder too huge to the point where you can’t see what you’re picking out. Also, it is best to buy these things from a dollar store or a Goodwill, not only are you saving money, but you are also giving back to the community (if you buy at Goodwill) and your wallet won’t hurt while making this project. P.S. If this project doesn’t work out for you, it won’t cost you that much.

Here are some pictures of the candleholder and the plate that I bought. I bought these at Goodwill and they were less than $2 for both.

2 1

I’ve seen some videos on YouTube where people glue the candleholder and the plates with a glue gun, but I used some krazy glue since I thought it would be easier and would hold better than a glue gun. I’m pretty sure that you can use both and it still would suffice.


Before I glued the plate to the candlestick, I poured some slitter to it to make it more colorful.

6 5

P.S. If you are using more than one plate, I think that it would look best to glue the plates in order from biggest to smallest, but that’s just me. I applied the krazy glue and held the holder and the plate together for about a minute, just so that both could hold together. I then put a soda can on top, just so I wouldn’t have to hold it for a longer time.

4 7

In the meantime, I cleaned this cool heart goblet thing that I found at Goodwill also. It’s white, a little off to the side, but it has cute hearts lining it. (And it was only $0.50!!)

9 8

I got this to store some of the rings that I own. Which brings me to another thing, how I organize my things in my room.

Here I have my rings in my heart goblet thingie ( I’m calling it a heart goblet from now on, FYI).


Here is the finished jewelry holder, it’s nice, I love that I am able to showcase my bracelets and I also love the cute roses on the plate. So cute!


I love to paint my nails, I do it at least once every 2 weeks. So when I have the color that I want I put them on this cute little pink tray that I got from Target (gotta love the dollar section!) I use it to store my nail polishes and just put my face lotion and lipsticks that I use. I also have my anti-bacterial soaps from bath an body works there.


I bought this jar from the dollar section at target and I use it to organize and store my rollerball perfumes. It’s a nice and convenient way to place them nearby when I wear perfume.


For the next two things, I have some emptied $1 candle jars from Walmart and I placed items such as earrings and miscellaneous things like usbs and some pins. I like it because I can have my earrings out where I can see them, but not in a way where they’re all over the place.

16 17

For my necklaces that I own a use an old necklace holder I got at Forever 21, years ago (over five, I believe). I like this because I hate it when my necklaces get tangled together. Not fun!


There you have it, a nice way to store, showcase and be creative. I hope you try some of these ideas. Have others? Comment below 😀

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