Color of The Week

This week I’ll try out a new nail polish…well new to me. I am trying out “Jump In My Jumpsuit” by Essie and I might add some glitter to my accent nail (edit! – I tried to add some glitter to the nails and it completely failed, I never have any luck with ELF glitter nail polishes.)

this is how the color looks. mind my fugly looking chipped nails

Okay, so I did my nails on Friday (I should have done them Sunday because I had to clean my apartment) and I applied two coats to the nails. This was actually the first time that I had used Essie nail polish so I was excited to try these colors. The nail polish went on smooth and it had a nice finish. I would have used a top coat but the top coat that I normally use has gotten gooey and yucky so I guess it’s time for me to get a new one.

finished nails I uploaded to instagram

The totally sucky part is that is that I jumped the gun and painted my nails before I cleaned my apartment so they’re not as in great shape as they were a couple of days ago. But I’m turning lemons into lemonade and used this as a test to see if they nails were able to stand me washing dishes, cleaning my room, cleaning my bathroom and all that stuff.

Here is a picture of my nails today, I mean, they’re not in the best shape, but they’re not so bad that a new coat of paint can’t fix. I would definitely recommend this color to anyone wanting a nice, classic red – or any color for that matter.

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