Color of The Week

So this week since it’s spring (and it was Easter this weekend) I wanted to do a pastel color for my nails. In my world, nothing screams spring like lilac.  But I also want to add a little bit of sparkle to my nails. Who doesn’t love glitter?

So for the base/background color of my nails I am using “Lacey Lilac” from Sally Hansen. This is an oldie but a goodie. (I’ve had this color for 2+ years so I should probably get a new one)

lacey lilac

And for the sparkle I will add to my nail, I will add a relatively new color and brand (new to me) on top of the Lacey Lilac. Plus, this will sort of act as a top coat since I desperately need to get a new one. I am using the color “Over The Rainbow” by Heart 2 Art

over the rainbow

For this nail I applied two coats of Lacey lilac. I applied two coats and waited half an hour for each to dry to make sure it wasn’t going to come out gooey or anything like that.

part 1

If you’re doing the sparkles then you don’t need to be too perfect with your nails because the glitter can easily cover imperfections.

i love glitter

The hardest part of doing nails is waiting for them to dry. After they dry I will clean my nails (take off excess nail polish covering nails) and then they’ll be done.

Here is the finished product:

they look like easter eggs lol

SONG OF THE DAY: She by Green Day 


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