I’d Do Anything (But I Won’t Do That)

Well, I think this might be one of the last times that I will write, blog, or even do anything on my MacBook pro. It’s dying.

I’m going to miss it, it has seriously been through a lot and it was one tough cookie (it would be 8 years old next year), but it was no match for a thing called Tuna, my cat. He’s always been fond of my computer, as are many cats, but he took it too far. As it was, my macbook was declining in health, it was old and the screen and back were sort of coming apart, but now it is holding on for dear life. I can only use it when the screen is reclining on some old year books (hey, at least those came in handy).

My cat had been accustomed to sleeping on top of my mac, but always when it was closed. Last night, he got on top of it when I went to the kitchen to get something. When I came back, I found my mac laying down flat…it still kinda hurts thinking about it.

You might be reading this, and thinking “OMFG, shut the hell up, it’s just a computer!!” but what you don’t understand is that I have called a few computer repair shops and one guy told me he fixed one up, a newer model, for about $800 WHATTT?? ain’t nobody got money for that!!

First of all, I am a broke ass college student with no job. Even though I applied to about 15+ jobs and counting, the struggle is real out here. Second, if I did have enough money, I would not spend the money (as much as I love this macbook) on fixing it, I would just buy another, more newer macbook. But since I cannot do any of that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I have enough money to buy a notebook, but the amount of storage and capacity that they can do will not help me with my files or my itunes, spotify, stuff like that. Also, school is starting in a couple of months so I will definitely need something that can make sure that I will be able to complete my coursework.

I have thought of everything to get the money for a new computer, applying to jobs, doing odd jobs here and there, looking at my bank savings account, completing surveys online for money, making my cat work at a circus (kidding!), turning tricks (also kidding!-I’m too ugly anyway). But if there’s one thing I will never do is make a GoFundMe like I’ve seen many people do on the internet. I would feel like total doodoo because there are legit people out there that need money, there are people that are in life or death situations that need the money. Once you start to read the problems of other people, yours don’t seem so bad.

I will not and don’t want to be clumped with the countless of people on social media that want funding for their seemingly selfish needs. I need a computer, but I also know that I’m capable of doing it on my own. It might take months, or even a year, but I will get there. Until now, I’ll enjoy my laptop for the few moments we have left and hope that I’ll have something by then and be able to do my work.

Sometimes life really sucks 😦


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