I know when to quit (I Hate Retail)

So I have been job hunting and I thought I had found a great job…but it was probably the worst job I’ve had.

So the them that it took to apply and when I got the job was so fast that it seemed like it was meant to be. I don’t know if I can get into legal trouble if I say the name, but I’ll just say that it rhymes with “leers”. Application, acceptance, interview and drug test was done in one week.

Okay I went to orientation and felt so great about the company. I guess that’s why they pay a guy to hype a company. Because after that, the bullshit started coming down…hard.

So I guess on my official first day of work, I punched in earlier than the other training cashiers, so my lead told me to help others with their work and when the others got there they would join me, which I said yes to…until I noticed that all I would be doing was unload a truck. Not only was it out of my comfort zone, it was grueling. All those heavy 100+ boxes of crap felt like they weighed on me so hard while I was in a hot place and wearing my nice cashiering clothes. It was disgusting. They should have never had me working in the back, let alone unload boxes for 4+ hours. I don’t think I quit that day because I didn’t want to be labeled as a quitter, but I also thought that the job could not get any worse than that.

So for my next day, I went back to work, but the bullshit did not stop. My incompetent hire didn’t show me how or where to punch, or even if I could because she didn’t think my number worked. So when I was looking for the person who was supposed to be with me today (I don’t know why I just wasn’t given a day off), he could not be reached for the longest time. I mean, I get that you have a job too, but I’m here waiting for you because I somehow need you to start my day. So when I met Mr.A*shat, he had nothing but criticism and scolding to give me. Apparently it was my fault that I punched in late and that I “wasted” time because I was never given instructions on where to go, how to punch, or where his stupid office was. Oh my god, I hate him so much. Again, something must have happened in his life for him to become this bitter, I mean, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY knows him by name and only has bad things to say about him, I wonder why he hasn’t gotten fired yet. After that, things went pretty smoothly, because I only did training exercises, which I thought that this meant that I would be able to go on the floor and actually be a cashier, the thing that I applied for…I was right….and so wrong.

So after the semi-easy going day of training, I thought that my life would become better. No more going to the back in the dock and lifting heavy ass boxes and working like a donkey. I was semi-right. On my third day of working, I was actually given the opportunity to ring people out. The fellow cashiers were nice, well at least some of them, there was one that was getting on my nerves, but my friend had already warned me about her. The customers were nice, but as to be expected, there were some that were difficult to work with, but that was to be expected. Anything was better than working in that god awful dock. My days of working there were over, I could finally finish my training and go to the floor, so nice! Plus, I had the next day off, so I had some time to cool off and rest before starting my week again.


The next day, even though I wasn’t scheduled, I had to go back to see guess who?…Mr.A omg I hate him so much. But today we got an extra treat, we got to meet who I call Mr. Di*ckFace. I don’t know who the fuck he thinks he is, but he needs a good talking to. I was reunited with my fellow trainees and we had to basically keep house on the back part of the storage facility, because some people from corporate were coming and they didn’t want them to see how messed up everything was. We had to move so much shit, from boxes filled with crap, un-assembled furniture and appliances, to water heaters, we had to push and move all of those, that’s when I knew that I was done with the job.

One, I was talking to the fellow trainees and I had asked them what they had done on that first day of work and they said that basically they did nothing but sit in an office, take a tour and basically open boxes that day. That pissed me off so much, why did my hire tell me to unload boxes from a fucking truck for 4 hours when all the others did was fuck around. Was I being targeted? What did I do wrong? Two, while we were working like slaves, we couldn’t take a break, we couldn’t sit anywhere so by “break” I mean stand and catch my breath, without Mr. Di*kface coming over to us and actually clapping at us to make us work faster. What in the ever loving fuck. First of all, no one is EVER going to clap at me to make me work faster, I mean, do I look like a fucking dog? Also, this isn’t even my fucking department, if you want someone to do it fast and your way, why don’t you get some guys to do it, or someone stronger than me to lift the boxes?? Oh, wait, no, that would mean that they would have to use their brains, which they can’t do. Three, so I wasn’t even scheduled to work that day so when they told me that I had to work I thought that it was going to be a regular 8 hour work day, it wasn’t. Mr.A is such an ass (hence his name) that when I asked him when we were leaving, (you know, it’s not like I have people that I need to tell in order to have a ride home or anything) all he did was give me the runaround. And when it was time that I completed my eight hours, he told me that I couldn’t leave because he didn’t want me to. Omg I think if looks could kill, I would have killed him and everybody in the room and everyone noticed. But at that point, I did not give a single fuck.

Oh, and I forgot the best part, he actually wanted me to come in at 7 in the morning the next day to work an 11 hour day in the back again. It took all my strength to not laugh at his face, or rip his face off. I honestly don’t know what I wanted to do most.

The next day, what turned out to be my last day of work, I talked to my incompetent hire and when I told her what we were doing the day before and what that Di*khead did (clap at us) the only thing that she did was laugh. I don’t think she’d find it hilarious if she was made to do what we had to do. I wasn’t happy, and in my heart I knew that I wanted to get the fuck out, but I thought that it would get better from now on. I would finish my training and I would get to do what I wanted to do and applied for.

So because the people from corporate were coming, they wanted to impress them by giving them the assumption that the store was in an impeccable state, it wasn’t. All day long, all I did was go up and down and rearrange and load the cash registers on and all that shit. Nothing to do with actual customers, we couldn’t do anything like that because our numbers wouldn’t be impressive to corporate. (At this point, I’m starting to hate everyone at the store, even the customer who kept being on the phone complaining about her cheating boyfriend, saying it “was just a phase” giiiirrlll!) We also put back all the crap that customers leave behind on the register, which by the way, there should be a charge because there is so much shit back there. So I basically walked around the store putting shit back in its place and doing stupidness for 8 hours. My feet were tired, my back and my bruises ( I got a lot of them while working in the back with the nutjobs). I was through, I knew I wasn’t coming back the next day.

I was kinda feeling bad of about not wanting to work there, was I being weak? Did it mean that I wasn’t made for doing jobs like this. I was kinda kicking myself in the face thinking that I was making the wrong choice, when something made me realize what kinda bullshit job this was. At this point, I was “fuck it” tired. What that means, was that I gave no fucks when it came down to putting stuff back, I put maternity clothes in the men’s section, bras in the kids section. I GAVE NO FUCKS ANYMORE. And then when 10pm came, I thought I was free, free from this job, free from all the shitty people, but no…I was informed that the schedule doesn’t mean anything and that I basically had to be at the store until they wanted me to leave. And since the next day was “Kiss Corporate’s Ass Day,” it probably meant that I would have to be there until 2 in the morning.

That’s when I made one of the first real adult decisions that I have made in a while, I quit.

I made an excuse that I needed to leave, and that since I was never told that the schedule meant nothing, that I really had no time to make plans or anything to accommodate my ride home. I told them that I needed to leave and that this would never happen again and I got the fuck out of there.

Since I was feeling salty about the situation, I decided to quit my job and handle it the way they had handled everything else with me, by doing the bare minimum. I just sent a text and left it at that. They shouldn’t complain, at least I didn’t go to corporate and tell them how unprofessional and rude they were….or at least not yet.

Safe to say that I will never work or even shop in that shit store ever again.


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