What’s in my bag (Summer Edition)

So summer is coming to a close, even though it doesn’t really feel like it right now. But it really is. School is back in session, all the new fall clothes are coming out, so shopping is a must and with the changing seasons, I also like to change my bag up. So now that I ordered a new bag (I’ll have a post once it’s up) I think it’s time to clean out and organize this one. This is one of the smallest bags that I’ve had and I liked it since it’s always good to not be carrying such a heavy bag around. Here is what I have in it. 😀

Okay so this is my bag. It’s a Croft & Borrow crossbody bag that I got at Kohl’s at the beginning of the summer. Although I don’t think that this particular bag is available now (makes sense since I got on clearance for $14), there are many styles of bags made from the same company that are similar to this one. If you like the pattern, check this one out, I like to call it this bag’s “mama” HERE Now before you go and buy one, if you want one, I’d like to tell you some of the problems that I’ve had with this bag. This bag was poorly made, and by looking at the reviews of the bag I linked, it seems to be the same way for all of the bags that they seem to make. No wonder they’re so inexpensive!
The picture above shows how easily the bag worn out.The lining at the back of the back became undone less than a week after I bought it and the strap completely detached about a month into having the bag. I fixed it with a little krazy glue. (Thank god for krazy glue!) This bag is completely cute. I love the polka dots and the fact that this has so many little pockets at the front, but the quality makes this a seasonal bag. So with a new purse coming soon, here is me emptying out this one. RIP polka dot bag.
This is my wallet, were I keep my money. Let’s be real, there’s always more receipts than cash. lol  It’s a nice blue wallet that I got from eBay. I am still in awe that something that was so cheap looks not-so-cheap. lol Although I do have to say this, if you get an item like a purse or wallet and it smells like plastic, just insert a dryer sheet inside and the smell should go away.

Here are my keys with my key chains. My Pretty Little Liars key chain is my favorite. It light up and projects an A. So cool.

Here I have some change, a straw from a restaurant that I went to (I got an horchata to go) and a pen because someone always needs a pen, and I like to be prepared.

My tangles headphones that I like to keep around. To listen to music…and to tune people out.  

Various receipts from places I shop and eat at. I need to throw these away ASAP

My Bath and Body works antibacterial thingy, it’s not the best smelling one, but I’m a sucker for spearmint and anything that promotes de-stressing.
My pink NYC lipstick I got a while ago. I love this color because it’s pink, but it doesn’t look too wild.
My changeA menu from a restaurant I visited with some friends.

My Makeup forever lipstick. It’s the standard lipstick sample that Saphora gives you when it’s your birthday.

Here’s all the crap I have in my bag, what’s in your bag?

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