Mani Monday – Reign Of Studs

I think I may have found it. THE perfect glitter nail polish.I learned about this polish while looking at my instagram feed. Someone I follow had this on, and from that moment, I knew that this polish had to be part of my life.

I’ve always struggled with glitter nail polishes. Either the glitter wasn’t “glittery” enough and I had to put on multiple coats and coats until it looked ok, but leaving my nails one goopy mess that fell out the moment I hit the shower. Or if I found an adequate polish that had the right amount of glitter, then when it came time to take it off, it took forever and left my nails stained (ewwww!).

This nail polish is called “The Reign of Studs” and is part of a collection that L’oreal put out a while ago under Color Riche (If you’d like to get your hands on this baby and check out the many other colors that L’Oreal offers there’s 9!!!you can find them HERE they retail on Amazon for under $5 and that makes me so happy. Don’t you hate it when you find a nice color that you want to wear and it sells for over $10 (uh uh, no m’am, not buying it) So for the price, it’s a steal.

Now for this type of color, all you need in one coat. Yes, you heard it right only one coat, and do use one coat and ONE coat only. Believe me when I tell you, it will ruin your nails if you use too, one is all you need. After the coat, I put on my Sally Hansen top coat and was good to go. Because this is a heavily glittery nail polish, you will never be able to fully get rid of the “bumpy-ness” of the nail polish, unless you put like 100 coats of top coat, but you will also succeed in ruining your nails. My rule is one coat, and maybe one more if you still feel like the polish is too bumpy.

As far as taking it off goes, if you do the whole q-tip and nail polish remover method, you’re only going to give yourself a headache. Because the glitter is so good, it will take more than that to remove it. My tip is to use the cotton ball and aluminum foil method. Put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and place it on your finger, then use foil to set and wrap around your finger. Do that for all the other nails, and you’re set.

My grade for this nail polish is: A

If you’re looking for an amazing glitter nail polish, look no further, this is your match. 😀


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