Mani Monday – Mango Madness

It’s almost the end of September and that means that summer is almost over, so I thought I’d try to take advantage of all of my bright and “summery” nail polishes because we know it, the leaves will fall, the temperatures will drop and I’ll be reaching for those cozy and dark colors.

This week I chose to use an oldie (to me) but a goody that I found while organizing my nail polish collection. This is Mango Madness by e.l.f. I think I bought this nail polish for $1 on a sale they had long ago. Currently, I did not find any links on their website for this specific color, but I did find one (yes, unfortunately, only one) Mango Madness nail polish for sale on Amazon.

I forgot to take a picture of my nails the day of (whoops!)

I have found that nail polishes that are somewhat old tend to give me problems (faster chipped nails, “goopy” texture, and just overall bad quality). But this polish really passed the test of time. For this application I used two coats. I normally do about 20 minutes of waiting in between coats so I know that the polish is dried and that the second coat will go on smoothly rather than thick and be one that will chip really fast. I was surprised that this nail polish went on smoothly, you can tell in the first picture that the color was actually starting to separate. Ewww, I hate when that happens! With two coats, I was done. I put on my Sally Hansen Top Coat and was ready to go. The picture above was the picture that I took before I took the polish off.

It doesn’t really seem that bad. The color stayed intact, the nails didn’t chip, although you can see the parts where my nails grew, but that’s to be expected.

Overall, I would say that this polish is a good polish. I would give Mango Madness an A. It’s a cute summer color (in reality, you can wear this color all year-long, no one’s going to call the nail police lol). I bought this some time ago at a very cheap price and I am very impressed that it is still wearable. After almost 2 years (I think) it has not separated, become goopy or anything like that.

The only bummer that I can think of regarding this nail polish, is that this seems to be a bit old and you might have trouble finding the nail polish online. Sorry for that.

Stay tuned for next week, I’ll review one that did not stand the test of time. Which is a bummer since I really like the brand and the polish is easily one of the most expensive that I’ve bought.


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