What I’m Wearing Wednesday – My Cat Necklace

To know me is to know my love for cats. I’m obsessed with them. I have 7 cats at home, yes you heard that right….well, kinda. I have four cats their names are: Simba, Piski, Nutella and Tuna (Tuna is my baby). They were born on our porch and we rescued them. We originally only planned to keep two cats, but someone who adopted Nutella and Piski decided to return them, which is fine by us. Now the other 3 cats belong to a woman next door. She is officially their “mom” but because she cannot keep the cats in her house, we took them in. They were born on July 3rd and as soon as they are well and strong enough (they’re mother died about two weeks after giving birth) we will put them up for adoption and make sure that they have good homes.

So now that you’ve heard my story, let’s talk about this necklace. I love this necklace. As you read, I love cats, so I wanted to display that by wearing a cat necklace. I had been searching far and wide for one that I liked and I found one at the HelloSugah shop at Etsy. I love it because it’s simple, the design is cute, you can customize the color of the bead on the necklace, and they are supper affordable. Looking at the shop, I realize there’s more variety, there’s one with a golden star charm. There’s also pendants for sale if you just want that and even earring versions of my necklace.  Must resist buying more!!! If you like this necklace, you can find it HERE

Shipping-wise, it was fast and that’s one thing I love. I hate it when I order something and it takes forever and a day. The necklace came enclosed in this little butterfly pouch which I love and am keeping as storage for my necklace and other storage.

The chain is a simple one with a clasp. The necklace is great in length, I hate it when I find a cute necklace and it fits too tight around my neck. I am in love with this image: it’s a cat sitting on a crescent moon. The bead that I chose was purple, but you can choose many different colors. Did I mention I am in love with this necklace?

Here’s a wider image of my necklace.

Thanks for reading. What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

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