What I’m wearing Wednesday – Forever 21+

Hey! It’s another Wednesday which means another WIWW post. Today I’ll talk about my cute babydoll dress I got from forever 21.

I got this dress about a month ago and I’ve worn this about 7 times already. No joke – I am obsessed with this dress. It’s black and has cute flowers on if, it’s a babydoll dress, it has lace details up at the top, the shoulder straps are adjustable and it was less than $20! So good!

I love this dress for so many reasons, but here are my top 3.


How many times have you ever been to a store or a site and seen a cute dress, but then find out that they don’t carry your size? 😦 as a big girl, that happens a lot. But this is one of the rarest time when I find it and absolutely love it! It doesn’t look like something your grandma might wear (no offense, gma) and it doesn’t look like a tent. 
Here is how the dress looks on the model. So cute. It’s still available on the forever 21 site so if you like what you see, go on and get it!

Two: It’s so cute!

This dress is probably the best dress I’ve ever gotten at forever 21. It’s black and has cute flowers on it, pair it with some black boots, and black leggings (for those colder days) and this is the cutest outfit. I like the lace trim at the top, the overall look of this dress is very 90s which is in right now, plus one of my favorite style eras.

Here is how the dress looks on me. Like I said before, I had to have this dress. So when I saw it I had to buy it, even though it didn’t come in my size. The only size they had was a size up my regular one but it worked out ok because the straps are adjustable.


As a big girl, you get used to the limited and often more expensive options because that’s what most stores give you. But omg, this fabulous dress was under $20 which is crazy to think about. If you order online, it might be more (because shipping) but many stores carry these dresses so so to your nearest f21 and try it out. With this dress being under $20, you have money left over to buy more stuff.

There you go. This is my favorite dress right now, what’s your favorite fashion item now?


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