Mani Monday (Part 1) – RIP Indelible

Now if you’re like me, you can’t let go of a good nail polish and tend to hold on to it forever. This is what happened with Formula X’s Indelible. I received this for my birthday a couple of years ago. If my mind serves me right, I got this about 2 years ago along with a top coat.

Now the top coat became completely goopy and unusable by one year, but I don’t think a top coat is supposed to last that long so I wasn’t really upset. But this polish really took me by surprise. Again, if I’m correct then this polish is about 2 years old. I’ve had other nail polishes for longer and they work great but this one didn’t.

I put two coats of nail polish, plus one coat of top coat and in less than 5 days, it looked like this 😦 [ see above ]

I don’t know why this nail polish didn’t last longer than 2 years, but that’s okay. RIP Formula X nail polish. You will be missed.


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