What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Fall Transition

It’s already October, but where in the world is fall? Here where I live we are in a weird pattern of fall-ish temperatures one week, while the next week, there’s above normal temperatures. Why??? This has to stop. Fall is my favorite season, but I sometimes feel like when the weather is like this, I get my season stolen from me. I want to wear tights and cardigans and not feel like I’m burning up while I’m walking around campus. As we transition from summer to fall, here is my newest outfit that I have. It’s quite simple, it’s casual enough to go to class with, but in my opinion, you can also take it out for date night or a party.

Here’s a breakdown of all the things I’m wearing.

The cardigan/sweater that I have on is from JCPenny, I love how affordable all their clothes are and how cute they are. It’s also a plus when a retailer carries plus sizes that actually look like something you want to wear out. Long are the days when most of the time, a fat girl like myself only had potato sacks in that came in 3 different colors to choose from in a store. I tried to find this sweater online, but it’s not showing up 😦 – I think they might have sold out. The sweater is black with red roses all around it, so cute. It does not have any buttons so it’s really flow-y.

The dress is from Target. I noticed that the price for this dress online is slightly higher than it is in stores, I don’t know why, but I suggest that if you are interested in it, or any other dresses that you head to your local Target. Right now, most of the summer stuff is on clearance to make room for the winter stuff so right now is the time to get a good deal. This particular dress that I bought was for $12 and some cents. The back of the dress has some crochet and the straps are thin. The structure of the bust makes it so that if you don’t want to wear a bra with it, you don’t have to. And it won’t make you look sloppy.

To make it fall appropriate, I used some leggings underneath the dress. I like wearing leggings because it keeps me warm and it also gives me some added insurance if my dress comes up or a gust of winds blows, that I won’t be showing my booty to the world.


To finish up this look, I put on my Bongo black flats that I got from Sears. I hate Sears so much, I obviously got these shoes before I quit working there. lol

Here is my fall, go-to look. What’s yours?


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