Mani Monday – Easy Going


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking around for a cute all-white nail color so I could do my cat nails, but this was the closest color that I could find (at Wal-Mart at least). This color is called “Easy Going” by SInful Colors. I love using this brand of nail polishes because they are a cheap brand with a mostly superb (for the money) quality of colors. I got this polish for less than $2, which is always nice.

For this manicure, I used two coats of color and one coat top coat.

This was my nails after the first top coat. The color in the bottle was a bit pinkish, more pink than white, so I was surprised when I put on the first coat. The first thing that I noticed that my nails looked white, really white, I sent my friend a picture of my manicure so far to check my eyes and she also agreed that it looked white. She even asked if I had painted my nails with white out. lol The second thing that I noticed was how streaky the nail polish was. I was definitely going to need a second coat.IMG_2271

Okay, so I let my nails dry for a couple of minutes and then I proceeded to put on the second coat. It made a major difference. The white color was turned pink and the white out effect was replaced by a light and ultra girly pink color. I found that with the second coat, the streaky-ness of the polish was almost gone and the color was smooth and nice. After I let that coat dry, also for some minutes I put one a coat of my Sally Hansen top coat and my manicure was ready.


So, although this color is beautiful and cute, I will give this Easy Going by Sinful ColorsB. Although the end result was a beautiful color and finish, I feel like it could be better. The major reason this received a B was because of the streaky-ness the color had. I feel like, of course, there are better nail polishes int his kind of color and more expensive ones, but this one is good for someone on a budget. I could easily see a color like this belonging to a brand like Essie and costing over $5.

If you want a nice, clean and beautiful color get Easy Going. 😀


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