What I got Wednesday (Haul)

I went shopping these couple of days, this is what I got.

It might be boring but I always like looking at what people buy. Maybe I’m just nosy.

  Okay. For lunch I got a turkey six inch sub. I only wanted American cheese, lettuce and tomato on it. I just wanted a light lunch to have.


I went to five below and I kinda went crazy with the snacks. I found this trail mix for only $1. It has chocolate, raisins and my favorite kinds of nuts.

The next type of snacks that I bought were these new worms from Trolli. These are so goood, they have become my obsession. I love the berry taste and these are by far the softest gummy worms I’ve ever eaten.

 Okay. I’m not a huge fan of justin bieber but I am a huge fan of this perfume. It’s smelly like flowers while still having a nice clean smell.

I have never tried this water but I’ve seen it everywhere. I chose this flavor because I love kiwi and watermelon. Hopefully I like it. Coincidentally, I received a coupon for free flavored water so I’ll put both products head to head in a future post.

I really liked the “name brand” kind of these chocolate covered granola bars. But I found these target brand ones on sale for less than $3. What a score!

Now  I know what you’re going to think: this girl doesn’t need another nail polish. But it was $1.99 and I want a polish that will go well with my Day of The Dead nails I want to do or Halloween.
  This is what the polish looks  I’ll have a review and show off my Halloween nails in the upcoming week.

I’ve been on a perfume kick for he past couple of days and this is one that caught my eye. Now, I’m not afraid to admit that I love One Direction. I do, so I had to have this perfume rollerball. I love this band and I love the price  I only paid $3.99 for it.What a steal!The last thing that I got was this ring pop  I just had to  the last time I had this candy was years ago.


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