Mani Monday – Halloween Nails!!

Hey guys! Here’s a quick and easy way to make you nails festive.

If you’re like me, you don’t do the whole “dressing up” thing for Halloween but I still like to look the part.

Here is how I look “Halloween” without having to put on a costume.

Okay. For the base of the nails, I used a regular black nail polish for it. If memory serves me right, I used one by Rimmel London. One thing that I do have to point out is that the the black coat became “runny” when I layered the glitter coat on top. I don’t know if this was because they were different brands or something (I gave the black base coat plenty of time to dry) so it’s a mystery why it became runny when I layered.
Okay so for the upper layer I used “Mystery Moonshine” by sinful colors. This one is from 2014 but I’m pretty sure sinful colors always put out confetti type of polishes for Halloween. I’ve even saw one glow on the dark one with skulls, I didn’t get it because all the skulls sank to the bottom of the bottle.

After layering the glitter coat on top, I let it dry for about an hour, you can never be too careful around glitter, before I put my top coat on.

Now, while I love any type of glitter nail polish, I do not like taking it off. If you are worried about the removal process, just use the tinfoil method. The glitter and 90% of the nail polish should come off within 5 minutes.

Happy Halloween!

If you’re dressing up (nails, costume) then comment what you’re doing! 😀


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