Mani Monday – Obsessed!

Okay for this week, I used a nail polish that my sister received as a Christmas gift last year. I like this color because it’s a deep and dark color which always looks chic during the fall and winter times.


Sephora describes this nail polish as being a “dark merlot.” I was a bit worried that it would not be available for purchase but it is, this nail polish costs $10.50, which is a bit higher than what I normally spend on polishes (I like Sally Hansen and Sinful Colors). I thought that this nail polish would be worth the money, but I can’t really say to be honest.

I applied this nail polish on Friday and this is how  my right hand look now. I don’t know if it has something to do with the nail polish almost being a year old, or me using a different brand of top coat (I use Sally Hansen) but they have already chipped. 😦 Not good
 This sucks because I really love the color and how it makes my nails look. I’ll just chuck it up to an old-ish nail polish. And maybe if I used a Sephora top coat, it would be better off.

I’ll give this nail polish a B-


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