Mani Monday – Purple haze

A couple of years ago, HotTopic used to have a beauty line named Warpaint Beauty, but as of now they seem to have re-branded their makeup line and have also given it a new name Blackheart. If you’re like me, you were very unaware of this, but I guess HotTopic has beauty products.

Before I buy anything or even talk about, I like to look at other reviews to get a feeling of what the product will have in store. I searched online and most of the results that I found were from 2012-2013, so the name change was recent. Cut to about 2 weeks ago when I went to my local dollar store for something to drink, I found out that not only was it going out of business 😦 but that it needed to get rid of merchandise which meant discounts!

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular while I shopped but these nail polishes caught my eye. I’ve been to the dollar store before but I had never seen this brand before. The colors were vibrant, some were glow in the dark, and the best was that they were only $1 They were originally $4, I’m assuming at the HotTopic, and they were marked $1.25 by the time they made it’s way to the dollar store.

I couldn’t resist this deal.

The first color that I bought was this deep purple with a lot of small glitter called “Purple Haze”. I was immediately drawn by the purple but OMG the little glitter inside it sealed the deal. The little glitter in the nail polish give this nail color an almost cosmic effect. So cool, so cute.

I always try to bring new products onto my site [don’t you always hate it when someone reviews a product and then find out it’s no longer in stock??] , but unfortunately this is one of those times when this item is not available, but at the end of this post I’ll provide a link to one of my favorite nail polishes, that is available and will give you a somewhat same effect as this nail polish.

For these nails, I did 3 coats of nail polish. You can get away with two, but I really wanted three. I did them in 30 minute intervals so I knew that the nails were dry. Then, as I mostly do, I let them dry and leave them uncoated overnight and put some top coat the day after.

I’ve only had this nail polish for a relatively small amount of time, but I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favorites. If you are interested in this nail polish but don’t want to go around hunting for it, this is a nail polish that I love and is very similar to Purple Haze, it’s the Sally Hansen “Purple Potion” nail polish. The color is fantastic and it’s from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails line so it’s very affordable.

Going back to Purple Haze, I would give this nail polish an A. The only reason that I didn’t give this an A+ would be the packaging. I really don’t like the cap. Once you open it, it can’t be even again. I know, it’s weird that I think about these things, but I do.

What is your favorite purple nail polish?

P.S. – I’m going to a wedding this Saturday and I’m going to wear this color Let’s see if it’s as beautiful on my nails as it looks in the bottle. 😀


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