Mani Monday – Diamond In The Raw

A few weeks ago I received the Spice VoxBox from Influesnter. If you don’t know what that is, you can check out THIS  post to see an overview of what came in the box. As always, if you want in, send me an email/comment.  In this box came the SinfulColors new 2 step manicure.

This is how the packaging looks. The nail color is Diamond In The Raw and it looks so glittery and perfect for any Christmas/Holiday/New Year celebration. I love how the color looks in the bottle, it makes you think of chic parties and chic nails.

Influenster was kind enough to give me both the color and the top coat so I was super excited to do my nails. At first I thought the top coat bottle was black but then I realized that the black was just plastic covering the bottle.

Here are the numbers for the nail polish and the top coat, if you’re interested.

For my nails, I did not apply a base coat, but I did apply two coats of Diamond In The Raw, waiting 30 minutes in between each coat. I don’t really know how long you should wait until you apply polish coats, but I really  like waiting 30 minutes.

30 minutes after my last coat of nail polish, I applied the top coat. OMG, the quality of the top coat is great but the packaging could be better. The black plastic packaging was tough to get on and it was a bit difficult to open the top coat since the packaging extended all the way to the top of the bottle.

I would give this nail polish an A+, I love the coverage of the colors and I like how it can match any outfit. It’s not super glittery so that makes it appropriate for work functions and parties. If you want a chic manicure, get this nail polish. The full set [nail color + top coat] will cost you about $5!

*This product was given to me by Influenster. I am not paid to write about this product, I received this product for free for testing and reviewing purposes.*



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