Lessons Learned

To say that this year has been a challenging one for me, would be an understatement. From deaths in the family, to heartbreak to my anxiety, I am somewhat happy that this year is over. But I will take everything that I lived through, all the lessons that I’ve learned and apply them to make sure that 2016 is one of the best years yet! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe New Years. May you be happy all year long.

Here is what I learned in 2015

  1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself
    • Spending time focusing on how to make other’s happy will not make you happy. And it’s draining. So eat, drink, dress and say what you want. If you’re not hurting anyone, do whatever you want. And if they don’t like it, they can go eat a dick-aroni pizza.
  2. Everything comes at its own time
    • I don’t know if it’s FOMO, a combination of being Mexican or just being part of a generation that puts everything online, but please stop obsessing over what other people are doing. Whether they graduated, had a wedding, got engaged, got that nice job, or whatever…be happy for them and know that you will get there and be and have everything you want to accomplish.
  3. Take Care of Yourself
    • It’s hard being a human and sometimes you need to get help to be happy and deal with the troubles that surround you. It’s okay to be not okay …also, TREAT YO’ SELF whenever you see fit. Just try not to go overboard.
  4. Get your shit together
    • Seriously, please do it. If you don’t get better, you will get worse and it won’t be pretty. You’re already hurting yourself and others…so please get it the fuck together.
  5. Be patient, you will get there
    • Rome was not built in a day so don’t expect that your life will be the way that you want in an instant. Work for it and wait for the results to come. Patience is a virtue and you will get there…it just takes time.
  6. Get help when needed
    • There are people trying to help you and some that can. So please take their help. If someone is offering to lend an ear, hang out or to be your therapist…take it. It’s better to share what you’re feeling than to suffer alone. You are not alone.
  7. You ARE enough
    • “You’re too fat,” “You’re too ugly,” “You need to be…” – Fuck that noise, you are enough by yourself. You don’t need to rely on others to feel validated, nor do you need to change yourself to be enough. You are enough, you will always be enough.
  8. Don’t let people get to you
    • People suck, from people you work with, to strangers, to even family members. You can’t change the way they see life, but you can ignore them. If they’re not helping you, they’re holding you back. Those that matter will always be there to help without judgments, those that don’t matter cast their judgments on you without knowledge. Let them stay in the dark by not letting them close to your light. Ignore them motherfuckers!
  9. When you fail…get back up
    • Remember that one time you fell in front of everyone while going to class? Okay. Do that. Get up when you fall, don’t let something that you did or something that happen dictate how you feel and what you do. Take everything that happens as a learning experience and MOVE ON. Some lessons aren’t easy, but they’re all needed. Take what life gives you, learn and just rise.
  10. Crying is OKAY
    • Contrary to popular belief, crying isn’t a total sign of weakness. Some people write, draw or do something to make themselves feel better. So listen to your sad music, cry it out. Just know that your tears will dry and that everything will be okay.
  11. You are creative…DON’T STOP
    • Just because you don’t draw like Picasso or write like your favorite author, does not mean that you should not do what you  like. Sometimes perfection is imperfection and you should not let what others think dictate what you think you should do. Be creative: draw, write, create.
  12. Love yourself and life will be better
    • It’s very cliche to say that you need love yourself before anyone else can, but it’s not only true, but necessary. You need to value yourself for what you’re worth…and let me tell you, you are all worth a lot. So treat yourself nice. As far as I know, this is the only body, mind and soul we will ever have, live better by being better and loving yourself along the way.
  13. Don’t be scared, everything will be okay
    • It’s okay to be anxious about what’s to come..adulthood is coming fast and choices need to be made but you need to stop being so scared. This year, you have experienced the lowest of the lows so there’s nothing else that can happen that will break you. Life can’t break someone ready to fight back. So don’t be scared, do what you want. If you fail, it’s okay…it’ll suck for a bit…but it’ll make for one hell of a story.
  14. Write More – It makes you happy
    • Hey remember when you liked to write? Keep doing that! Not only does it calm you and make you feel good, but sometimes you can write a good sentence or two. Plus, sometimes, once in a while people look at your blogs and like what they read, so why not?
  15. Be thankful for what you have
    • I know, sometimes you can’t have everything that you want. And I know it’s hard to be happy while you’re wanting, but don’t hate or count what you don’t have. Count what you have. Be grateful for whatever you have and for everything that you have experienced. Sometimes you think you need something, but when you stop and think…everything you could ever want and need is already there.



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