Mani Monday – Why???

Every once in a while there’s a nail polish that’s so pretty, you just have to try it on. That’s how it was for me with Sea Escape by e.l.f. cosmetics. This color was part of a 12 piece nail set that I had gotten for Christmas a couple of years ago. There’s something about the color that made me infatuated with this polish. I don’t know if you could still buy this online, I did find one on eBay, but many people have used this nail polish when it was also featured on a 12 piece nail set dedicated to Disney villeins.

The color inside the bottle makes the polish seem gorgeous. If you look at the bottle, unfortunately it doesn’t photograph well, you can see that’s it’s blue with a lot of glitter. When you put it on, it looks more black than blue and can only see the glitter when it’s by a light or when you look at the polish from, like 3 inches away. lol


For this manicure, I used two coats and used my trusty Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off. MY MANICURE ONLY LASTED FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!


IT ALL FELL OFF!! omg I have never been so disappointed. I love the color and I thought that it would go great this season. My nails started chipping less than 24 hours of putting it on and a day after, whole nails started to come off. Did I put too much on? Did I use the wrong top coat? Why??

For this nail polish, I would have to give this a F. This was so disappointing. If you know where I can find a nail polish that is dark blue with glitter that will last longer than this. Please comment 😀


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