What I’m Wearing Wednesday – H&M+

Welcome to the first What I’m Wearing Wednesday! This time I will feature a dress from H&M+ that I bought during the Black Friday weekend. I know, such a long time ago when you think about it, but I wanted to wear it on a nice day.

I don’t normally buy a lot of things from H&M. One reason is because I had never bought anything from that store and I did not know how the sizing was. Do the clothes run large or small? I decided to go online and the general consensus was the their clothes run small…so not the case.

When I first tried on the dress, it looked like I was wearing a nightgown. It was too large everywhere. The sleeves were too long (I can get this fixed by a tailor) and it was too big overall but I used a belt I bought at JC Penny to give me some definition and shape. In pictures, I obviously need to get the sleeves altered and I always have to wear a belt but that’s okay.

This dress is a star print dress, made up of viscose material. I would link you to the dress, but they are not selling them anymore. This dress was originally $35, I believe but I bought it for $14.99 so I think I got a good deal.

Here is my outfit. I’m wearing my dress and I’m also wearing my Bongo Girls flats.


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