Target haul

Over the past couple of days, I went to one of my favorite places in the world, Target. There’s so many things that you can buy, you can buy groceries, furniture, clothes…you name it, they probably have it. The best part, as far as I’m concerned is the Dollar Spot section at Target. Even though most things are only $1, I can spend so much money so I always have to use caution when going by that section.

I usually go to a target that’s located about 20 minutes away from me, they usually have more things in stock than my local target, but there was snow coming and travelling that far was not an option. Hopefully I can hit up that target soon because I’ve been looking at some Target haul posts and some people have spotted macaroon erasers…and I need them!! (I don’t, but you get the deal lol)

I love the dollar section at this moment, there’s a mix of calendars, planning accessories (which I am addicted to right now) and there’s a mix of valentine’s day stuff, everything is so cute.

This is what I got 😀

This is probably intended to be used as regular tape but the quality isn’t there. So I’m just going to use this as a sort of washi tape to decorate my planner and journals with. Right now, I’m obsessed with planners, I’ll probably write more about planners and how I decorate them soon.
This isn’t something from the dollar section but this was such a good deal that I couldn’t pass up. I love garlands and banners. I think it’s a cute way to decorate a space and make it seem more festive. Also, it’s easier than putting up lights or anything else up on the wall. This garland was originally $6, but I went a couple days after the new year, meaning that everything that had to do with Christmas and New Year’s had to go. I got this baby for $1.90, so cool. I’m going to try to go back to Target this weekend, but I’ll doubt they’ll have any remaining Christmas/NYE things on clearance anymore. Everything is probably VALENTINES DAY, VALENTINES DAY, VALENTINES DAY!!!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I found these cute banners at the dollar section. Not only is Valentines Day one of the cutest holidays ever, unlike Easter or Thanksgiving, you can keep these decorations all year ’round. I mean, who doesn’t love heart decorations all over their home.

Here’s another thing I found in the Christmas clearance section. This is a red sparkly star, so far, I have failed to put this thing together. But I’ll figure this thing out, and if all else fails, there’s also a thing called Krazy glue that I love.

Here’s something that I found weird. I first found this around December while shopping around, this was in the dollar section and was $3. Cut to a few weeks later, this wall calendar was in the Christmas and NYE section and was drastically cut. I bought the calendar for about $1. Not bad. I do have a planner but I also wanted something that I could put on my wall or desk, plus I’m going to use this as a blog calendar so I can keep up and stay organized throughout the year. P.S. – I’ve organized my posts for January and if all goes well, there should be a post every Mon-Fri for all of January. So excited.

I found a lot of stickers, especially Valentine’s Day stickers, and I might go back and pick up some more, but for this trip I got these. I got these sheets because these had the most stickers, 6 pages of cute Valentines Day stickers to decorate all my planners and journals.

Finally, here’s a calendar that I could not pass up, it’s cute, it’s floral, it’s me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this. I could make it into a desk calendar or cut it up and make an agenda of my own, I’ll most likely leave it on my desk since it’s so cute.

So this is what I bought at Target? What are your faves from the Dollar Spot (or any sections from Target). Hopefully I can go to the other Target this weekend and look for those cute macaroon erasers and more planning items.




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