Plan With Me


Late last year I really got into planning, and I believe it works.Planning has made me more efficient and I have noticed my grades going up. Here I show what I use and how I use my planner. Enjoy!

A. Moleskine Weekly Planner – This is the planner that I bought last year, this is a Le Petit Prince moleskine weekly planer. I bought this because it has a nice cover and it’s very compact.I like the monthly spread pages and the way the week and the “notes” sections are separated on the pages. I like this planner but I think I will try another one next year.The moleskine planner design is beautiful and useful but I find it harder to customize. The paper tends to be thin, so you have to consider what kind of writing utensils you use. Also, there is not a lot of space to decorate with washi tape or stickers. I love decorating my planner so my next time will have more room.

B. Pencils – Nothing is set in stone (at least for the most part of my life), so I always try to pencil in events before writing them down with a permanent pen. For this, I wanted to use pencils that I know would be cute and give me motivation to use them. I found these cute pencils at Target’s dollar section. The black set have random phrases while the light color set has the days of the week.

C. Mousepad – This is another Target find. It’s a cute mousepad that is also a giant notepad. Unfortunately the mousepad does not work with my mouse, but this is something nice that I can use next to my laptop to jot down notes and remind me of what is due.

D. Stickers – I love using stickers to plan. Most of he stickers here are from eBay while some others are either from Target or Walmart

E. Stamps




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