Mani Monday – Lavender Out Loud

For this week, I wanted to try a new, bright color for spring. While I was out shopping, I always stop by the Wet n Wild section. They always offer fun and affordable makeup. I have bought some of their nail polishes before, most of them range from the $1-$2 range, but these colors caught my eye. One reason it caught my eye was the color, my favorite color is purple and I am a sucker for any kind of purple. Also, the bottle states it will give you a gel manicure in one step….but is that possible?

I bought this nail polish for $4.99, most of the nail polishes that I buy are cheaper so I expected great things from this nail polish. Apart from the color, there isn’t any spectacular about it. For this manicure, I used two coats of nail polish, I was very surprised at how fast the coats seemed to dry. I researched this nail polishes before applying and everyone said to apply a top coat to the nails, it defeats that 1 step wonder process, but if you didn’t, they say, the nails would chip almost instantly.

 Below is a picture of my nails after one coat, I liked the opacity of it, but I needed more, that’s why applied the second coat. After waiting about 30 minutes after applying the second coat ( I want to make sure everything is dry) I applied a nice coat of top coat. They looked amazing…but they soon became undone.

I painted my nails on Saturday, it is now Monday. Although most of my nails are chip free, there are little chips on my index and thumb. Not nice. This color is amazing and cute for spring, but for $4.99, I’d say you’re better off buying more cheaper colors to experiment this spring. I would give Wet n Wild’s Lavender Out Loud a C. Although the color is beautiful (I contemplated also getting the mint color) and the application process is easy, it does not stand the test of time, it will chip within days.

What is your favorite spring nail polish/color?


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