My 2017 Agenda (Preview)

For the past year, I have been obsessed with agendas and planners, I blame all those bullet journal and plan with me videos on YouTube. As of right now, I am using a  Moleskine weekly planner for this year. Although I love my moleskine, it’s small and compact and perfect to carry around, there isn’t enough room to decorate and I love to decorate my planners. Before I bought my moleskine I watched one video that featured a agenda, I was in love. Unfortunately, these agendas start selling in late April/May and by the time I discovered it, they were sold out. BUT THIS YEAR I FINALLY GOT ONE!!!!

If I sound like Oprah giving away cars, it’s because I’m so excited. I’ve seen these cute agendas with stickers and cute pages for so long and to finally get it, it’s an exciting time for me (lame, I know!). I have never bought anything from this company, but it just spoke to me. They have all the cutest things, from stationary, to water bottles to wallets and accessories, everything is too cute…and I want it all.
 Even their packaging is cute! 😀 I bought the Medium sized (which seems to be a new size this year) Lady of Leisure agenda, I love the pink and the flowers, totally my style. This agenda will set you back $28 but it’s worth every penny, and it’s a 17 month agenda.
 To decorate my new agenda, I bought this Pink Glitter Stars tape, it’s $6, so it’s about twice the amount of regular washi but it’s too cute to pass up.
The only drawback to this agenda is that it starts on August 2016, so I didn’t want to open it and take it out of it’s package just yet. Expect a full review with planner spreads this upcoming fall!

P.S – I used the coupon code YOUREREALLYPRETTY and I received 10% off my order. Hopefully it works for you if you plan on using it.


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