This is How a Heart Breaks

If you are a reader of this blog, then you know that I have Mani Mondays and that I also have What I’m Wearing Wednesdays, but I have some exciting news (at least exciting for me!), I will be starting a new “series” sort of, “This is How a Heart Breaks.” This will be posted every Sunday, and as sad as the title sounds, I will try to not make it as depressing as the title seems. I feel like heartbreak can be both beautiful and disgusting at the same time…sometimes you fall apart while you learn who you are and what you are made of at the same time.
Why I am writing this? I feel like everyone in the world has experienced heartbreak, from an unrequited crush that never worked out, a failed relationship that makes you wonder what could have been, to someone leaving you, or having to leave someone for your own sake. Everyone has experienced this. I am going through a bad heartbreak right now. For me, I am at the stage when there is a part of me that wants to move on and feels ready to enter a world without his love, but there is also a part of me that wants answers and wishes to go back to what and who I loved. Love does not fade in a second, and unfortunately the hurt does not either.
What is this for? Since I am currently experiencing my own heartbreak, I wanted to put my thoughts into paper, or at least electric paper. I cannot spend my time reliving all the memories and the what if’s of the world. I cannot spend my time thinking about what he is doing right now and why he is not with me, I have to move on. And this is how I’ll do it. Here, I will talk about all the things that I feel, my wants, my fears, and my tactics, everything that I need to do to better myself. As much as I will focus on my heartbreak and my feelings of love in general, I also want to chronicle my journey as I get to know and love myself better.

If you are suffering or have suffered a heartbreak and want to share your story, just comment below and I will include it in a post. I want to know what you have done in times of sadness, but most importantly, how you survive and thrive. 😀


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