Mani Monday – Confetti

For this week’s Mani Monday, I wanted to do come fun nails. I love white nails and I love glitter, so when I went to Five Below and browsed the nail polish section, this combination popped up in my head. Five Below has a line of nail polishes called Funky Fingers, and if I recall correctly, they are 2 for $5, such a great deal.

I used two coats of Gesso, a very opaque white color, I waited 30 minutes before applying the layer. Although the end product left me satisfied, there were some issues that I had, mainly with the white nail polish. The white Gesso nail polish never looked “right.” When I finished applying the nail polish, it looked bumpy and patchy, something that I did not like. If I were going to do an all-white nail look, I would have chosen another brand to paint my nails with. But I knew I was going to add my confetti so I wasn’t too bothered by it this time.

After I let the second coat of the Gesso nail polish, I added the confetti color, it is appropriately called Pep Rally. I love it. It’s cute, fun and can make any dull nail color look festive.Over the past couple of years, I have worked with glitter nail polish and one thing that I have learned along the way is that to have a nice even glitter/confetti application, you must use a dabbing motion on the nail, or else, you’ll end up with a goopy mess of a nail.

I would give this combination of nail colors an A. They work great together and the price is always right.

What is your go to fun nail color/combination?



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