Mani Monday – Stellar Explosion

For this week, I wanted to sparkle it up and wear a festive nail polish. I recently bought a couple of bottles of the Sally Hansen hard as nails nail polish. The colors were cute and they were less than $2, so I figured, why not? I am wearing Stellar Explosion.

At first glance, the nail polish looks like it’s purple with a glitter all over it, but I had a sneaky suspicion that this color would not be opaque and would need multiple coats of the nail polish to create a nice glitter effect.

I should have read the back of the bottle. My suspicion was right, it says to apply between 2-3 coats of the polish to achieve the glitter effect. I ended up doing 4 coats. The good thing is that each of the coats dried fairly quickly. But still…it’s 4 coats!

Overall, I would give this nail polish a B-, I would have loved for this nail polish to be opaque and looked on my nails like it looked on the bottle. But I feel like this would be great as a top coat or as a way to make your ordinary nails pop. I would pair this with a dark color such as a purple or a black to achieve a true stellar explosion.

What’s your favorite glitter nail polish?

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