What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Lauren Conrad

It had been over a year since I’ve been to Kohl’s and a looong time since I’ve browsed their clothing. Being plus sized, I always thought that there was nothing there for me to wear. “Those dresses and clothes are made for the petite, I have to go and look at the “women’s” section, where the only things I would find would make me look old and frumpy, I think that is a big issue plus sized women feel. Either we buy things from Forever21 that could be a bit too short, a bit too young…or we get stuck wearing grandma sweaters. No bueno! But I fell in love with the Lauren Conrad’s Alice In Wonderland collection from the moment I saw it.

It features amazing pieces like dresses and blouses that can be paired up with a cute short, something that is sweet and dainty. Something you could wear to a tea party. Since I didn’t get the Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s memo, I did not know that this was nothing new. She has done other collections before, but I am glad I’m in the know now.

I have two frustrations in my life, I am fat and short. Not a great combination to have, but you have to work with what you are given. I fell in love with many of the pieces in her collection, mostly with a tea cup/tea pot dress that I ultimately bought and a the first cute white dress, but being a short person, I knew that the dress would swallow me up. I’m just too short. At my Kohl’s, I did not find any dresses or clothing that went past a Large so I was a bit disappointed.

About a week after, I saw an ad that featured the dress…and it was on sale. That was my a-ha moment. I could buy it online! And that’s what I did.

Here is what the dress looks like with and without a cardigan.

Here is a close-up of the dress. I love the cute bow detail. It is so cute.
  Even the tags are cute!! 😀


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