Mani Monday (On a Tuesday)

For this week, I wanted to do some simple nails. I went for the black nail color. Do you remember the time when only “goth” or “emo” people wore black nails, now it’s everywhere! I wonder who started that trend. While I was painting my nails, I felt like my nails were nice, but a little too simple and if you know me, you know my love for glitter so I decided to do an accent nail.

For the black polish, I went with Black on Black  by Sinful Colors. I love the formulas and the prices are always nice. I used two coats of this nail polish for this manicure.

For the accent nail, I used Dazzle Me by Pure Ice. I found this nail polish at Walmart a few months back. I like this nail polish because not only does it give my nails a little bit of glitter, but they also give my nails a bit of a crackle effect.

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