Planner Post (Weekly Spread + Organizing)

Long time no planner post, but I decided to do something new with this week’s spread so I think it was time to do another one of these posts. For this week, I took a stab at doodling. I know I’m not the best artist in the world, but I was getting sick of using washi and stickers all the time. Plus, it makes planning and non-busy weeks easier to deal with. How do you decorate your planner/journal. Also if you have any bullet journal recs, please leave them with me. 😀

For the second part of this post, I wanted to showcase how I organize (or attempt) to organize all my crap. I love pens, I’ve always loved them and it’s come to a point where I have so many I need an efficient way to store all my thing. Well, thank the lord for Target! I have been looking for something like this for some time and it finally came to my Target store. I got a pack of 3 baby blue mesh pencil bags for $3 – such a good deal. P.S.- They also come in other colors if you want other colors. I love these types of storage because they’re see-through, you can always tell what’s in what bag and not have to go through boxes and boxes of to get a your favorite pen. Also, they’re light weight, since they’re just mesh pouches, they can easily be packed in a bag, backpack, wherever you want as opposed to bulky boxes. Sidebar: If you’d like a “What’s in my bag?” or “Pencil Collection” post, comment and I’ll do it.

Speaking of storage, I also bought something for my bulkier items, such as washi tape, stickers, and glue sticks. I bought this little container at 5 Below for $3-$4. Another good deal.

Here is the inside of the container, I have my sticker book, my page flags, tape, glue and washi.

How do you stay organized?


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