Lovesick Plus Size Haul (And Why I’m never shopping there again)

A couple of months ago, I was walking around my mall when I saw a sign on a storefront – a new plus size store coming to my mall, how exciting! I generally buy most of my clothes at JC Penny, Old Navy, and my favorite store, Forever 21. I was looking forward to this new store, Lovesick, coming into my mall because I felt that – yes, although Forever 21 offers nice plus size clothing – a girl needs more options, and what’s better than having an entire store dedicated to plus sizes?

As I was researching the store, I found out that this store has a parent company and even a sister company. Hot Topic and Torrid, two stores that I am familiar with. There is a Hot Topic located at the mall but there is no Torrid near my mall, so I was at least familiar with one of the stores. As I was researching Lovesick online, I did not find many reviews other than a handful of YouTubers, but more and more are popping up every day. They all described this store as a “younger and more affordable” version of Torrid, I also watched some of the hauls and decided that I would give this store a try since it looked like they were made with good material.

When the store opened, I was in awe, I had never seen a store that was affordable or so varied that carried everything I saw in my size. I loved it! Right off the bat I bought a skirt, one that I featured in a previous post. Although there is a lot of variety in store, there’s more things to buy online. So that’s where my disappointment began.

But first, let’s get into what I bought.

I mostly bought midi skirts, I bought a black floral one, a white floral one and a cute polka dot one. I also bought one of their bralettes. (That’s why my chesticles look less than supported in some pictures lol) I like pairing these beautiful shirts with casual shirts I get at Old Navy and JCPenny.

The quality of the clothes is great and I would totally buy from them in the future, but there’s something that left a bad taste in my mouth.Lovesick sometimes has a Buy one get one 1/2 off on regular priced items and buy one get one free on their clearance items. Both sales are advertised in store and online. I bought the first two skirts online, they were both on clearance so i bought both skirts for $19.99, such a great price. When I got to the store I saw the back of the store, an associate even mentioned their clearance section and their return policy, so there was no doubt it my mind that all of the items were on clearance, therefore buy one get one free. But no.

I bought the polka dot skirt and bralette, since the skirt was $19.99 and bralette was $14.99, I expected to pay for the skirt. But when I went to pay, I did not realize until I was home that I was charged for both. Now – let me step back, it’s not the money that I’m mad about – $15 can come and go, it’s the fact that Lovesick’s sales seem deceptive to me. When I got back, I immediately called customer service – I looked up the item numbers and both items qualified for bogo free, but they could not adjust my prices, because the store and online are both different things. What?? I buy at forever 21, and the prices that are featured on the website are the prices that are in-store. So it seems pretty sketch that the prices in store and online are not the same. Even their sales are not the same. What a bummer, I feel like Lovesick should make it very clear that the sales are not the same in store and online, and that they should make it clear what items are on clearance and which are not.

Again, it’s not the money, although it would have been nice to get the prices adjusted, it’s the deceptiveness that I felt while shopping. It makes me feel like the company is not upfront about their sales and I just don’t want to deal with the store anymore. Lovesick is a nice store with amazing variety but they will no longer be getting any of my business. This girl is going back to Forever 21.

If you still want to shop at the store, I would recommend shopping online. That’s where you’ll find the better prices and sales, I would never recommend shopping in store. My experience with Lovesick started off so well, but now I feel somewhat cheated to be honest, oh well, there’s always my Forever 21.


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