Nails not on fleek (Nail Art Fail!)

This week, I tried my hand on some nail art…and I failed miserable. lol

My idea: I was going to take a red nail polish from Sinful Colors, paint my nails with them and then apply Vintage Violet from Ulta on top of to create a french manicure-style with a twist to my nails. My idea and reality did not come to fruition.

I first painted my nails with the red polish. I then waited 30 minutes to make sure the coat of nail polish was dry. After that, I put small pieces of washi tape on my nails that would act as a border for the light and darker colors. Obviously, I did not measure the tape well and it turned out to a weirdly shaped and bordered nail.

I think I’m going to leave the nail art to the professionals and stick with single colored nails and just play with glitter and maybe a nail art pen. But french manicures are out of my skill range.

Do you have nail art ideas that you like?


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