Zoya Nail Polish (What’s your favorite?)


So I’m looking for some new nail polishes because I’m obsessed with them. I mostly use some lesser priced products such as Sinful Colors or L.A. Colors to color my nails, but I like using some more expensive nail polish. I’ve used Essie before, but even though there have beautiful colors and collections, their nail polishes are a bit too streaky for me, and I don’t really want to shell out almost $10 for some streaky nail polish. Early this year, I bought a Zoya nail polish and I love the application and the colors that they have. I am looking for some new polishes today and I need your help. These are some of the polishes I am loving…help me pick some because unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees and can’t buy all of them lol – Seriously, these are my faves, but there are a least 20 polishes on my wishlist and I’m not about to spend $200 on polishes.

1. Binx


2. Thea


3. India


4. Stevie PixieDust


5. Carter PixieDust


6. Blaze

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