Mani Monday + Zoya Mini Haul

Happy August everyone! Last Saturday I received my Zoya nail package in the mail last Friday and I immediately painted my nails. Because it’s August, I wanted to use a nice, summery color, so I chose Beatrix. Beatrix is a nice toasted orange with tons of glitter. It has “pixie dust” which makes my nails shine.

The best part of this manicure? No top coat needed! I achieved this look by using two coats and no top coat. My nails have not chipped and they look amazing. I would definitely say that Zoya is the best nail polish brand out there.

If you want to see the rest of the colors I purchased, please read on 😀

This is Thea, another pixie dust nail polish that I am excited about, I love the purple and all the sparkle that comes along with it. I will probably use this nail polish next week.

This is Dream and technically, I nought this a few months ago, but I really like it. The combo tof he blue and the little glitters make my nails feel like a galaxy.

This is Stevie. It’s also a pixie dust, and it is a nice lilac color. This one is definitely going to be one of my favorites.

Here is the last nail polish, Binx. It is not a pixie dust but it does have a lot of glitter. (Can you tell I love glitter?) This is another purple and I love it!

*About my purchase* – If you google these colors, you will know that some of these colors came out a while ago, and that’s because I did not buy them through the Zoya website. I’m a student and I don’t have a million dollars (I wish I did) so I use shortcuts and websites to get the nail polishes I want for less. My go to is a store that sells from Amazon, called Just For You These nail polishes are mostly  (the ones I purchased) under $5, so it’s better than shelling out $10 for one. With shipping, my total came to less than $25 and for this quality, I would buy all over again*


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