Mani Monday – Thea

Hello everyone! For this week’s mani Monday, I did Zoya’s Thea color. I loved this color because it is a deep purple with tons of glitter. I have a nail polish similar to this one called Reign of Studs from L’oreal.

The color is beautiful but I found some differences between this one and Reign of Studs. Thea is not as opaque as Reign, I use one coat of Reign and I used 3 coats or Thea for my nails. Although the pixie dust from Thea is supposed to be glittery and have texture, I totally recommend using top coat on the nails because this is what happened after 3 days:

My nails became so chipped! I think it was a combo of applying 3 coats and not using a top coat. I wonder what would have happened if I used a top coat for this manicure. My hypothesis would be that they would have stayed on longer than this manicure. Ugh! Lessons learned, life goes on…

What’s your favorite sparkley/glitter nail polish?


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