Mani Monday – a purple potion

This is my favorite drugstore nail polish.It’s Purple Potion by Sally Hansen. I love this nail polish so much that each year, I buy a new bottle. I hope I can find a bottle or two this year because I love it so much. I love the purple (because purple is my fave color), I like the hints of blue and pink all around the nail when the sun or light hits my nails. I think this is a good “transition” nail polish, it’s dark enough that you can use it in the fall (especially around Halloween) and it has pink and blue undertones that works in these last summer (at least it feels like summer) days.

I used two coats of nail polishes, I always wait 30 minutes in between coats. And then I used my Sally Hansen nail strengthening top coats to make my nails last and shine.

What is your favorite drug store brand?

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