Nails of the week! – Holographic (kinda) nails for less than $5

For this week, I was originally planning on doing a dark red nail with glitter on top but when I went to my local Meijer store and saw this super cool looking nail polish (watch video above) I just had to have it. Instead of pictures, I chose video for this post because pictures really don’t do this nail polish justice.

This polish is called Let Me Go by Sinful Colors, it’s this crazy looking polish (as you look at the bottle, you see so many colors – blue, purple, silver, pink – it’s awesome!). And once, I saw it…I immediately bought it.

Now when I say “holographic nails (kinda),” I mean that these look like holographic nails, but they’re not the real deal. There are times when it does look holo bu there are times when this nail polish looks straight up silver. Either way, this nail polish cost less than $3 and gave me an amazing holographic nail dupe.

Since this nail polish is very sheer, I used 3 coats of this nail polish to create this effect. I waited about 20 minutes between coats to make sure that they were dry. To keep my nails from chipping, I also used my Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off.

If you’re looking for some holographic (ish) nails and don’t want to get them done at the salon, or DIY them, try this nail polish! 😀




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