Planner Tuesday (Spread – Week 1)

For this year, I kind of went overboard. I didn’t intend to, but it just sort of happened. I already had my ShopBando agenda (the pink floral one) since last year (it started on August 2016). I also already owned a Moleskine planner from over the summer, I will use that to bullet journal and make my own scrapbook/journal out of it. The smaller floral one, is from Amazon courtesy of my sister.

My plan was to just get a small planner, something smaller and lighter than the Bando one for when my backpack was stuffed or when I wanted it for on-the-go. That was the plan. But last week Michaels had a sale on all of their recollection planners, they were 50% off, so I went to the store and fell in love with this llama planer – so cute!

Originally, it was $29.99, got it for $14.99, as of now they are on sale for $20.99, but remember Michaels always has coupons (especially 50% off regular price items) so if it’s not on sale, you might find a better deal using a coupon. Here is a link to the  Llama Zippered Planner By Recollections™ I bought.

To see how I am decorating/my first weekly spread. Read on! 😀

I’m currently not at school, where I keep most of my washi, sticky notes, and other cute planner stuff. So it’s kind of bare. I love the interior of the planner, although I wish there were more pockets and that the zipper planner stayed open. But I guess once I add more stuff, I might search some DIY videos and add some side pockets to the planner if I have time. My sister and friend gave me the pizza and cupcake stickies. When I was at Michaels I also found a sticky page from Recollections, it was on sale so I bought it. I think I’m going to use the sticky’s and washi tapes I already have. If I buy anymore, I’ll buy from target or the Dollar Tree. I love those stores Where do you buy your planner accessories?

I didn’t have much to do this week, or washi/stickers so I decorated minimally. When I go back for my last semester of college, this will definitely be filled up so I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have that much to fill.

What are you using to get organized this year? Do you use planners? What kind of accessories do you use?

Happy Planning

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