Mani Monday – Bump Up The Pumps

Happy Mani Monday, well actually Tuesday, WordPress was having some problems last night and I could not post. Anyway, let’s get started. Bump Up The Pumps (what does that name even mean?) by Essie is a nail polish from a Christmas/Winter collection a while back. This is a pink/coral color that I normally only reserve for spring and summertime but it’s 60+ degrees here, the normal temperature is 30 degrees, I’m going to act like spring has arrived.

I love the formula for this polish, I used two coats for this manicure. I  am now in the habit of using nail cleanser and a base coat before the two coats. I let the base coat dry for 10 minutes and I wait a period of 20 minutes in between the two nail polish coats. The top coat that I am using is your regular old Wet n’ Wild top coat. I was very apprehensive about using it because I bought it for less than $1, but the quality is so good. My nails stay shiny and chip less.

Here is how the polish looks like in a picture from the Essie website. Although this color is pink, it is not that pink. It is a coral pink.

What nails are you rocking?


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