Mani Monday – Space Nails

For this week, I was going to with the color Lie-Lac from Sinful colors, but I stopped at Five Below and found some cute nail polishes and nail decals.

For the nail color, I used two coats of  Minty Fresh from the Kylie Jenner Sinful Colors collection. As I bought these at Five Below, it’s safe to assume that you probably can’t find these at regular stores. But I have seen them at Five Below (obviously) and at the Dollar Tree, so go out and explore.

I wanted to add something more to the nails and I found some nail decals in the store. I am not sure of the brand, but the package included almost 200 nail decals for $2, what a deal! There were many types of nail decals, some even Ouija board inspired, you’ll definitely find some cute ones.  I waited until I was sure that my nails were dry and then added the nail stickers. TIP: I used a pair of tweezers to make sure that my nails were in the place I wanted them to be.


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