My Huge Nail Polish Collection (100+)

I honestly don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed at this point. Disclaimer: I have collected these nail polishes through the years so don’t think I buy and buy nail polishes every time I leave my house (although I do want to). Believe it or not, I through away some of my nail polishes. I’m renovating/redoing my bedroom so I decided that I should try to organize some of my things, including nail polishes. One idea I had for my room was to get nail polish holders/spice holders and mount them on the wall so I could see them but I don’t think I could fit all of these nail polishes on the wall without something falling down. After I swatched all of them (let me know if you want me to post the pictures!) I counted them all and I have over 120(!) of them. Dear lord.. So without further ado, here is my nail polish collection. 

The Blacks – Honestly, I thought I had more black nail polishes. I have one from Rimmel London which I like ( a little streaky), a Sally Hansen one I haven’t used in a long time. An old school tinted Claire’s nail polish that is more of a jelly/top coat. A sinful colors polish. I also have a random nail art polish that my sister gave me. I’m definitely going to try some nail art with these types of polishes.

The Toppers – Here are some of the top coats that I have, the ones that I am using now and are my faves are the Wet n Wild one (costs less than $2!) and the Orly top coat. Although I do have to note that the Orly top coat does have a distinct smell, not a bad smell, but a smell.

All That Glitters – Here are all the wonderful glitter/confetti toppers that I have. I love adding a pop of glitter to a manicure, you can never have too much fun while doing your manicure. I also see glitter nail polishes as the easiest way to customize a mani if you (like me) are not artistic.

White Outs – Here is one color that I have not used that often. Mostly because I need to find a great quality nail polish. I love it when the nail polishes are streaky and white is one of those tough colors.

Silver- Here are some of the silver/gray/chrome colors that I have. I love gray nails because they are chic, neutral and they are different than your regular black nail polish. Here I have a mix of natural grays along with the shiny, sparkly silver colors. So pretty.

So Blue – Here I have a mix of the blues (and some purples that ended up in the mix). They range from baby blues to electric blues. These are so pretty for summer.

Brown/Taupe – Here are some of my rarely used colors. I tend to use these nail colors during the fall and winter months because they are warm. Especially the Sinful Colors nail polish, I love it, it’s very Christmas-y without being straight up Santa Claus red.

THE PURPLESS!!!  – I guess you can tell from all the purple nail polishes that I love purple, specifically lilac. I love purple, it can be so versatile. Light with a lilac and dark and electric like the Zoya pixie nail polish that I love.

Go for Gold – Here are some of the gold/yellow nail polishes that I own. I don’t own that many of these nail polishes, so I think that the next nail polish that I will buy* will be a yellow one. *When I say buy, I will only buy one or two polishes this summer, I already have enough.

Pretty In Pink – Another surprise in my nail polish collection is the amount of pink nail polishes that I have. I have always thought that I go for darker colors (or purple colors) so it was surprising that I have this many. I love pink because it’s uber-cute and is a nice pop of color.

Red – I am a very big fan of the red colors. I love it because it can virtually be used in all seasons. From Christmas time to the red hot days of summer, red is always in. Right now, I am really liking the deep, dark reds. One of my newest colors is the “Red Carpet” color from Sally Hansen

Oranges –  Orange is another color that I love using during the summer. My next mani monday will feature a nail polish from this pile. I love using this in the summer. It’s not quite red, but it’s still warm and on trend with the season.

Green with Envy – Green is a color that I haven’t played around with a lot. One of the newest greens and the more “out there” color that I’ve ever had on was the “Green Thumb” color from Sally Hansen.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Let me know what is your favorite nail polish (doesn’t have to be from my collection, can be yours) and do you want me to post the collection of swatches I have?

Take care


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