August Bullet Journal

Hey guys, here’s a little glimpse of my August bullet journal. I wish I could be artistic and make my bullet journal cool. Here’s how mine turned out:

I’m no artist, so for the cover page, I mostly rely on stickers and markers. Here I used some stickers from Band.o I like to keep this page simple but you can decorate it with stickers, draw doodles or paste some pictures that you love. Old magazines are good for collages.

I always want to make goals for myself. I find that if I write them down at the beginning of the month I am more likely to complete them or for the most part, do something toward the goal. Sometimes I complete them, other times I roll them over to the next month.

People track everything, some people track sleep or diets, I like to track my social medias, period, how many times I eat takeout and how often I post on this blog. I added a “blog” section this month because I noticed that there are times when I forget to post stuff or I just get off track.

One of the most funnest parts of my bullet journal is the mood tracker. I like to look back at the end of the month and see how I felt and when I have a bad day, I can look at the date and go to my weekly spreads (weekly spreads are just pages dedicated to writing a small descriptions of what you did that day) and find out what made me sad, or mad, or made my day great.

Here are all of the television/movies that I want to watch this month. I won’t watch all of these this month, but it’s nice to see how much I’m watching. What are you watching this month?

I am trying to track all of the money that I spend this month. And I like to track all of the money that I make on Swagbucks. I usually make around $70 a month, it’s just a bit of money to use to buy things that I want without using actual money that I use for things that I need. If you want to join, click HERE

Do you bullet journal, if you do, what’s your set up?


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