Mani Monday – Acapella Ella


Hello, for this week I used Acapella Ella by Sinful Colors. I used two coats of polish to complete this look.

I love the color because it’s the nicest baby blue, and it’s great for the spring time.


Spring Cleaning my Nail Polish Collection

Hey guys, I haven’t been online in a bit; I guess life gets in the way some times. There are many rules that I have made myself for the month of April, mostly because I want to be more disciplined in my life and I want to keep track of what I do. I had two rules for this month regarding nail polish and nails.

RULE #1 – DO NOT BUY ANY NAIL POLISH THIS MONTH!!! – When I was looking over my nail polish collection, I found so many nail polishes that I have bought and never used. I also bought over 5 nail polishes in the month of March, I guess I went overboard on my birthday month.

RULE #2 – GET RID OF AT LEAST 20 NAIL POLISHES!!! I have two photo boxes full of nail polishes, some over 5 years old! I made a vow to myself to throw away some, I don’t want to become a big nail polish hoarder.

These are all of the nail polishes that I got rid of this month. The criteria that I used was

a. Are they old?

b. Do I like the color/quality?

Have you been spring cleaning? Are you clearing out your makeup/nail color collection or are you cleaning your entire house (I need to do this)? How has your April been?


Nails of the week – Birthday Nails

Today is my birthday!!!! so I decided to make my nails look like cake. I used two coats of  Acapella Ella from Sinful Colors and one coat of a confetti glitter topper. I love how my nails look.

These are the perfect nails for a birthday.


Valentine’s Day Nails

For this week, I went with a classic nail color for Valentine’s Day. I thought about doing something sparkly and extra for this day, but I decided against it, classic is better to me. I used two coats of GoGo Girl from Sinful Colors.

After the two coats, I used Wet n wild’s Hard As Ice megalast topcoat to give it a shine and make it last and not chip for the whole week.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?