Mani Monday – Endless Blue

Hey guys! I’m back with another manicure. This week I did a color I normally don’t do. I did a beautiful electric blue. I love this color because it was dark but it wasn’t too dark for the summer. I like to start wearing dark red, grey, and black polishes when the weather gets colder.

This week I did two coats of Endless Blue by Sinful Colors. This was actually my sister’s but she gave it to me since she knows how obsessed I am with nails. Upon looking up this nail polish, I see that it has some fame: It’s featured in the 13 Reasons Why book. I don’t know if it’s featured in the series but I thought that was a cool fact.

What are you wearing??


Mani Monday – Light As a Feather


Hey guys! This week I wanted to do something different with my nails and I went with this very light pink/almost white color. It’s called Light As a Feather by ORLY. I bought this a while ago at Sally’s Beauty, seriously, if you want good and cheap nail polish, hit up Sally’s. They have good prices and sometimes their clearance is an extra 50% off, I paid less than $2 for this polish. I used 3 coats and then used an ORLY flexible sealcoat topcoat to finish it off. The nail polish itself claims to be a base coat, polish and coat so you only need to use that one bottle, but I am 1000% sure that if you don’t use a topcoat, it will chip within hours.

The good: I love the color, as much as I am a fan of a bright red or purple color, it’s always good to wear a nice and neutral color. I think that this color is appropriate for all occasions.

The bad: I don’t know what it is about light colors but I think that sometimes they look dirty, especially white nail polishes. I think I might have to try a better top coat or something. I also didn’t like how it looked like it was going to chip after one or two days of wearing it. I think that I would like to try more colors for me to make a solid opinion on ORLY nail polish.

All in all, I really like this polish. What’s your current nail polish?



Outfit of The Week – Old Navy Dress

This dress is amazing! It’s pink and it has leaves all over it. The pink makes it so pretty and feminine, but the leaves brings some summer flair to the dress.

The dress is long enough that you can feel comfortable wearing it without biker shorts or tights, you can rest easy. The dress is also lined so it adds an extra layer and protection.

You can find this dress at Old Navy HERE.

What are you wearing this summer?

Mani Monday – Space Mermaid Nails


For this week’s Mani Monday I wanted to do something cool and unexpected. At first I was going to paint my nails a nice pink or lilac but I decided to try something new and remembered some polishes that I had not played with yet.

For these nails, I used one coat of Black on Black by Sinful Colors and one coat of Eleven, by Fresh Paint.

I bought this nail polish a couple of months ago at Five Below. They kind of remind me of Color Club polishes, they have great colors and most of the time you can get 2 for $5, not expensive at all.

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Mani Monday – Kimono Over

I am so excited to have finally found this nail polish. I remember when Kimono-over from Essie first hit the market. I didn’t get it because most of the time, I tend to either use more affordable brands or use coupons. Either way, I never bought it and over the weekend I went to Sally Beauty and had a coupon so I bought this bad boy for less than $5, what a steal!

This isn’t really a summer color, but it’s a “me” color. I love plums, and this is a beautiful color. You can get away with one coat of polish, but I am a creature of habit so I used 2 coats, then I topped it off with my $0.99 Wet n Wild top coat.

From far away, this color looks black but in the right light, you can see the color in all its glory.

What is “your” color?